GFit is a personal fitness studio that provides professional personal training in Tulare, CA. It is owned by world famous fitness expert/ retired world class bodybuilder Leo Costa, Jr.

Costa has owned and operated his own personal training studio for more than 32 years and has been a personal trainer to thousands of people all over the world. What makes GFit unlike any other personal training studio is Leos' unique, almost "miraculous" training method that is internationally recognized as the fastest way possible to achieving that dream body you have been wanting-and without a lot of hassle. This is done by manipulating the three training components: nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning and weight training. Leaving out just one of these components can compromise overall results drastically.

GFit takes all the guess work out and creates each program specifically for our clients goals and needs. All you need is one hour a day, three days a week to get in the best shape of your life. 

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GFit is here to help ANYONE who wants to get healthy, fit and in shape. Get the correct education and guidance you need to reach your goals. Too many programs these days provide you with the latest and greatest techniques, which can be misleading. GFits customized programs will take all the guesswork out and revert you back to the basics. No quick fix. Just real knowledge to help you attain extraordinary results. Contact us to learn more about our studio or online training. Call us for a free session today!

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 Jose brings a unique style of personal training to Guaranteed Fitness Plus. He became a certified personal trainer at Penn Foster University. He has been a trainer for 5 years and been here for 4 of those years. He knows how to make every client feel comfortable as well as bring the best out of them throughout their workouts. He is professional, dedicated and extremely goal oriented which he passes onto each and everyone of his clients. It's an unreal experience having him apart of our  team!



Cara came to us in 2013 first as a client new to the fitness lifestyle, eager to learn it all. She was determined, self-motivated and optimistic. Fitness is an outlet for her and is now a lifestyle she lives and raises her son around. A month after becoming a client she joined the G-Fit team as Leos Executive Assistant and shortly after that she became a certified personal trainer. We are thrilled to have her and everything she brings to the team.