The man behind many successes

At the age of 56, competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer Leo Costa, Jr. suffered three strokes over the course of three weeks. His amazing recovery defied doctors' expectations, but the real surprise was what Leo learned about himself during this journey. He shares these insights in Three Strokes in Three Weeks Saved My Life, a compelling and transformative story about Leo's rediscovery of himself.

He uses the wake-up call of having three strokes in three weeks to ask himself, "What was I doing wrong, and why was I doing it?" Looking back over his life, Leo recalls how his scrappy childhood on a family dairy farm allowed him to excel in a variety of competitive sports, which led to a successful career as a bodybuilder, fitness professional,entrepreneur, and spokesperson. Along the way, he learns how to question his choices to better understand his own behavior. Throughout the process, he shares the tools he himself used to bounce back from failure and adversity.

Three Strokes in Three Weeks will help you learn how to rebound from failure, bolster your ability to believe in yourself, and teach you how to harness your thoughts to change your behavior for the better.





Having over 30+ years developing businesses. Leo has a knack for Entrepreneurship.



From his Three Strokes in Three Weeks book to Training. Leo has stories, and he tells them in print.



The cornerstone to Leo's success. TRAINING and anything in the health & fitness arena.